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Looking for a Running coach who can :-
: Help you go faster and farther
: Make you a strong marathon finisher
: Suggest the right shoes as per your foot type
: Study the statistics of your running session and give you a true opinion on it
: Motivate you from time to time
: Keep you grounded when you are going off track
: Give you nutritional or supplement advice

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1. Telephonic Running Consultation with Coach Aman (Duration: 15 to 20 minutes)

2. Quick Evaluation of your Current Fitness Level

3. Explanation of terms used by runners such as Average Pace, Moving Time, Elapsed Time, Vo2 Max, HR, Stride Length, Cadence, Elevation Gain/Loss, PB

4. Analysis of Your 5 Best Running/Walking Sessions or Races

5. General Tips to increase Speed and Stamina

6. Information about type of Running Sessions

7. Customized Running Plan for the next 5 Days Post Running Consultation

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