Ultimate 3 Months Running Plan B


Looking for a Running coach who can :-
: Help you go faster and farther
: Make you a strong marathon finisher
: Suggest the right shoes as per your foot type
: Study the statistics of your running session and give you a true opinion on it
: Motivate you from time to time
: Keep you grounded when you are going off track
: Give you nutritional or supplement advice

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  1. 10 Consultations in a month (1 every 3rd day)
  2. Evaluation of your Current Fitness Level.
  3. Critical Analysis and Detailed Study of your Best Running/ Walking Sessions or Races.
  4. Tips to Increase Speed and Stamina.
  5. Information about different types of Running activities.
  6. Information of what factors attribute to increase or decrease in heart rate.
  7. Customized Running Plan.
  8. Shoes Advice and Gait Analysis.
  9. Motivation.
  10. Explanation of terms used by runners such as Average Pace, Moving Time, Elapsed Time, Vo2 Max, HR, Stride Lenght, Elevation, PB.
  11. Hydration Importance and how much to drink according to goal or distance.
  12. Frequent and Detailed Feedback on your sessions.
  13. Nutritional and Supplements Advice related to running.
  14. Strategically Planning Race/Event/Goal.
  15. Setting Realistic Goals.
  16. Suggestions related to form correction.
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